An ideal instrument for automating the process for measuring levels with hydrostatic head in duty applications. The absence of a separation liquid between the membrane and the pressure sensor, “Dry-Pressure” measurement technology, allows getting of superior technological performance in terms of overpressure, small temperature drifts, high stability and accuracy.

Specifically designed for extended service in sewage lift station environments, the 36 XKY features a relatively wide sensing diaphragm yet small o

These pressure transmitters are designed for level measurement in applications such as downhole in limited spaces, where the highest accuracy is re

High accuracy level transmitter digitally compensated / variable range / analogue and digital output.

The y-line transmitters have an extremely small temperature error.

This high precision 0.01 %FS is available as an option (the standard Series 33 X has an accuracy of 0.05% FS).

The series 41 X combines the ceramic measurement cell for low pressure ranges

The Series PRD-33 X has been developed for applications that require a high accuracy differential pressure measurement.

Sistema de medida ultrasónico con sensores sumergible (sonar)