Analizador on-line automático UV Meter

Analizador on-line automático UV Meter

  • Compact size
  • No reagent (except for NaOH for Ammonia)
  • Built-in automatic washing system
  • Extremely fast response time
  • The running costs are very low as theUV spectrophotometric measurementprinciple does not require the use ofanalysis reagents
  • Extremely simple hydraulic systemwith pipes with large diameter
  • The automatic cleaning system keepsthe measuring cell clean for longperiods with no need for intervention.The tank only needs to be filled withcleaning solution (5% sulphuric acid)once a month
  • Built-in peristaltic pump for sampling


Información técnica: 

Analizador C.O.D.


Analizador de Nitrato


Analizador para Hidracarbonio en el agua


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